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Established by Voyages in 2003, the Anangu Communities Foundation raises money to fund projects in Anangu communities of Kaltukatjara, Watarrka, Imanpa, and others in the Ngaanyatijarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) region of central Australia. The Foundation's goals are to support Anangu communities. With the ongoing help of guests, staff and corporate contributions the Foundation has provided in excess of $1,000,000 for community-initiated projects since 2010.

Ayers Rock Resort matches all guest contributions dollar-for-dollar, up to $200,000 each year.

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Supporting Anangu

With a population of around 2,500, Anangu are the traditional custodians of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and the central desert region who speak Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra. Anangu continue to practice culture on their homelands, an approximate geographical area of 103,000km2 throughout the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia, for over 50,000 years. Anangu continue to be strong in language, culture and traditions and welcome the opportunity to share this with visitors to Uluru and across the region.

Like many remote regions in Australia, Anangu are working hard to build on their strengths and grow within their communities through increasing social and economic development opportunities.

Anangu, with assistance from philanthropic organisations like the Anangu Communities Foundation, are able to build on their strengths and receive support for projects that will improve education, health, as well as economic, social and emotional wellness outcomes.

The challenges faced by remote Aboriginal communities in relation to education, health and well-being are well documented. Anangu communities generally rely on external investment to support and grow new initiatives that will contribute to a more positive future. Previously the Foundation, the Anangu Communities Foundation has shifted its focus to a regional approach, and the Annangu Communities Foundation Board will always need to see that the Anangu are placed in a position of strength and their needs put at the center of any project design when assessing submissions for project funding.

Working alongside community stakeholders, as well as federal, Northern Territory, and local governments, Central Land Council, Voyages Ayers Rock Resort and other government and non-government organisations, the Anangu Communities Foundation raises awareness, attracts donations and seeks projects that will support Anangu as the primary beneficiary in the areas of health, education and economic and social participation.


Completed Projects


Supporting the construction of an elderly respite care centre at community

The construction of the Aged Care Facility represented the first major project that the Anangu Communities Foundation committed to, and was identified as the priority need by members of the Community after extensive and ongoing consultation. The facility was opened at a ceremony for the community on 13 September 2007 and provides for 16 beds, full time care and all of the state of the art nursing facilities.

A community place

In 2017 we partnered with Australian Regional & Remote Community Services (ARRCS), Anangu Jobs and Higgins Coatings to renovate the old respite centre into the 'Community Place'. The project included the training and employment of local community members. The re-purposed building now provides a base for the delivery of social and healthcare facilities.


Other projects the foundation has supported over the years include:

  • Support for an after-school program for primary school students
  • Supporting a major dialysis clinic project in Kultukatjara through funding the travel costs for Anangu patients to return to country
  • Supporting a regional women's law and culture project by funding costs associated with coordinating Anagu women's travel to and from the event
  • Part sponsorship of a book promoting the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.
  • Provided financial support to help fund the 'Other side of the Rock' concert as part of the Community Carnival.
  • Renovations to the youth recreation centre for the Community.
  • Provision of educational equipment to the Primary School.
  • Sponsorship of 20 community members to attend the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land to learn about festivals and eco-tourism.
  • Sponsorship of Imanpa Rangers to attend Land Management Conference in Africa to assist in Land Management and tourism at Angus Downs Indigenous Protected Area.
  • Assistance to raise funds for Kids-to-Coast program for children.
  • Strong Women - Health & Culture project taking 45 women from Docker River and APY lands Communities to Alice Springs for breast screening and performing at Mbantua festival.
  • Purchase of Sports and Music equipment for the Recreation Centre.
  • Mountain Bike Program as a Youth Diversionary Program.
  • Cultural Exchange Project 2014.
  • Funding sponsorship of Southern NT Indigenous Softball Championship in 2015.
  • Completed scope of works for the complete refurbishment of Adult Education Centre, Feb 2015.
  • Pyjama Project which supplied night time garments and footwear to the Aged Care Centre sponsored by Australian Society of Travel Writers, Sep 2015.
  • Installed much needed disabled access to bathroom facilities at Ernabella Arts (Australia's oldest Indigenous art centre).
  • Continue to support IT, sports, music and educational equipment and resources for local school and youth programs.
  • Support for school holiday programs, including 'Bikes Palya' at Amata (pictured below), offering activities to kepp youth positively engaged in healthy lifestyles and transitioning them back into school routines.


How can you help?

Individual Donations

As an individual you can make a lasting difference by:

  • Organising a fundraiser in your community, office, local school.
  • Making a donation online, mail or deposit into the Foundation bank account. Your donation is tax deductible under Australian law.
  • Providing much needed supplies, materials and equipment - contact us to discuss the communities needs.
  • When you're visiting the resort, deliver a package with goods or send it to Anangu Communities Foundation, PO Box 135, YULARA NT 0872

For guests staying at Ayers Rock Resort

As a guest at Ayers Rock Resort, donations may be charged to your room account or you can make cash donations in the collection boxes located throughout the resort and at the Ayers Rock Airport. Ayers Rock Resort will match all guest contributions dollar-for-dollar, up to $200,000 each year. You may claim your tax deduction when you complete your Australian tax return, using your room account as proof of donation.

Your contribution will help make a big difference, improving health, providing education and supporting social and economic participation in the local communities - thank you.

Corporate support

Businesses can play a role in the Foundation, from their contribution of much needed funds to donations in kind and the sponsorship of programs. Donations are tax deductible under Australian law. Here are some ideas for you as a business on how you can support the Anangu Communities Foundation;

  • Hold a fundraising event.
  • Help spread the word by incorporating information about the Foundation (along with an opportunity to make a donation) at industry conferences and trade shows, in presentations to clients and at schools.
  • Use fundraising as a team building activity within your workplace.
  • Find out more about the Anangu Communities Foundation and promote discussion with your friends, family and colleagues.

Your collaborated efforts can help make a big difference. Let us know how you're planning to support the Anangu Communities Foundation and we will provide support for your efforts.

Make a donation in branch

You can make a donation at any ANZ branch or via EFT using our account details:
Account Name: Anangu Communities Foundation
Bank: ANZ
BSB: 015 881
Account Number: 8363-31846  

If you make an EFT donation and would like a tax receipt please email [email protected] indicating the amount that has been donated, the organization or individual it has been donated by and the date it was put into the account.

Make a donation by mail

Cheques should be made payable to Anangu Communities Foundation and posted to: 
Anangu Communities Foundation, PO Box 135, YULARA NT 0872

Donation Refund Policy

  • We ask that you enter your details carefully and with consideration, including the dollar value of your donation, when donating to the Anangu Communities Foundation on-line.
  • The Anangu Communities Foundation is under no obligation to refund donations made in error by you, however we will endeavour to fix any genuine errors (such as the amount donated) if such errors are brought to our attention within 14 days of the transaction taking place. We regret that we will be unable to make corrections after this time period has elapsed, other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • Anangu Communities Foundation reserves the right to deduct any bank fees, transaction charges or processing fees arising from donation errors made by a donor. 
  • A donor who has been provided with a tax receipt for their donation will be ineligible to claim a tax deduction for any refunded donation.
  • The Anangu Communities Foundation is under no obligation to refund change of heart donations.
  • Should an error ever be made by Anangu Communities Foundation, our financial institutation(s) or platform partners, a full refund will be made promptly upon notification of the error.
  • Donations to Anangu Communities Foundation of $2 and over may be tax deductable. Ongoing monthly donations are tax deductable and will be receipted at the end of financial year.
  • Please ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account. Please check your account statement to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct.
  • If you have a query or a genuine refund (due to error) request, please direct communication as follows:
    • Email:  [email protected]
    • Post:   Anangu Communities Foundation, PO Box 135, YULARA NT 0872

Phone : 08 8957 7918 

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