Ayers Rock at Sunset

Eyes on the Skies

Weather, Sunrise and Sunset

To help plan your stay at Ayers Rock Resort and visit to Uluru, here's essential weather and sunrise/sunset times as well as a comprehensive monthly overview of biological events taking place. As much of a stay at Uluru revolves around sunrise and sunset be prepared and plan ahead. Know where you're going to watch the sunrise/set, distances and travel times as well as the time of the sunrise and set.

Sunrise over Uluru

Uluru Sunrise & Sunset

There are multiple viewing areas offering panoramic sunset and sunrise views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. 

Here's all the information you need, including maps, times, top tips and distances to plan your sunrise/set viewing experience.

Group having coffee at sunrise at Ayers Rock outback

Weather at Uluru

Uluru is situated near the centre of a semi-arid desert, which most people would associate with a hot and dry climate. 

However, it surprises - in that the temperature can vary so dramatically. Temperatures can range from 5° C in July to 37° C in January.