Wintjiri Wiru

IN THE SPIRITUAL HEART OF AUSTRALIA an ancient story takes flight.

Wintjiri Wiru, meaning 'beautiful view out to the horizon' in the local Pitjantjatjara language, is a breathtaking cultural storytelling experience that brings to life a chapter of the ancestral Mala story through choreographed drones, lasers and projections that illuminate the night sky.

A story passed on for thousands of generations, now passes to you.

"We are thinking about our future. We are looking forward and have created Wintjiri Wiru for the next generation, for our grandchildren.

We have held hands with Voyages to create Wintjiri Wiru together. From the beginning, Voyages has been working together with the Anangu Working Group. We have been talking together, listening together and creating together.

People from every place have come to see Uluru. Now we want people to come and experience our story in a new way. We want visitors to know this is our story, to look and listen and feel with us. Our stories have been here since the beginning and we want to share this story with the world.

We have created this show from our heart, and our thinking, for people everywhere to see. Our old people have left these stories for us and we want you to experience our story too.

We always have open arms for people to keep coming to Uluru.

We are one world and we want to share something special with you.

Wintjiri Wiru is a gift to the world."

Wintjiri Wiru songline

1,100 drones depict a chapter of the ancient Mala story from Kaltukatjara to Uluru.

This will be the first time an Indigenous story has been told through the medium of lights, lasers, projection and drone technology at this scale and frequency, and performed on a regular basis anywhere in the world.

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Wintjiri Wiru
Sunset Dinner

Wintjiri Wiru

Wintjiri Wiru

Wintjiri Wiru

Wintjiri Wiru
After Dark

Wintjiri Wiru is a proud winner of the 2023 Brolga Northern Territory Tourism Awards, winning Best Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tourism Experience as well as being crowned the Chair's Choice for Tourism Excellence. 



As custodians of the land, Anangu hold the Mala story from Kaltukatjara to Uluru. To share their story, RAMUS designed and produced an artistic platform using drones, light and sound to create an immersive storytelling experience.