Wintjiri Wiru Uluru Song Line

Wintjiri Wiru FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Wintjiri Wiru?

All Wintjiri Wiru experiences are accessible through booked tours where you will be picked up and dropped off back at your accommodation within Ayers Rock Resort.

Can I drive myself to Wintjiri Wiru?

No, all Wintjiri Wiru experiences are accessible through booked tours, where you will be picked up and dropped back off at your accommodation within Ayers Rock Resort.

Can I film or take photos of the drones and lasers?

No. To protect the Mala Story, Anangu have requested no filming or photography during the drone and laser light part of the experience.

Can I smoke at Wintjiri Wiru?

Smoking is not permitted during the Wintjiri Wiru experience. We kindly ask that all guests that all guests refrain from smoking for the duration of the experience, out of respect for the land and the Anangu. We appreciate your coordination in creating a safe and respectful environment for all. 

What should I wear to the Wintjiri Wiru experience?

We recommend that guests wear comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes for the Wintjiri Wiru experience. We also suggest that you bring a jacket in the colder months, as the temperature in the desert can drop significantly after sunset. 

Can I step off the platform and walkways into the red sand?

No, the Wintjiri Wiru platform is located in a delicate environment. We built a floating platform and walkway to protect the underlying environment.

I have accessibility needs, can I enjoy Wintjiri Wiru?

The Wintjiri Wiru experience is fully accessible. Please advise us during your booking of your accessibility needs and make yourself known before the experience to ensure we can cater to your needs.

How do I learn about the Mala Story?

Before experiencing Wintjiri Wiru, we encourage everyone to visit the Mala Walk at the Uluru Base Walk. There you will see the tjukuritja (physical evidence) of the Mala tjukurpa (creation story) and gain a deeper understanding of this ancient story that will be brought to life in the outback sky through cutting-edge drone, laser light and sound technology.

Learn more about the Mala Story here.

Will over 1,000 drones be loud?

No, as part of the show, you will be listening to the Mala Story narration in Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara, and English, as well as inma recorded by senior Anangu.

Has this replaced the Field of Light?

No, the Field of Light Uluru is still on show at Ayers Rock Resort. Visit the link here to find out more.

I am travelling to Uluru much later this year. Will Wintjiri Wiru still be on?

Yes, two Wintjiri Wiru sound and light shows will run every night, from March until December (from 11 May 2023), with one show a night operating in January and February.

Can I fly my own drones at Wintjiri Wiru?

No, Ayers Rock Resort is a no-drone zone to protect the privacy and safety of the guests. We have worked closely with CASA, the Anangu Consultation Group, the NT Government, NT Police, and many other organisations to ensure that we are strictly following all of the laws and protocols in place and we have the appropriate safety measures in place. The drones will never fly above you.

I thought you couldn't fly drones in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

That is correct, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a no-drone zone and Wintjiri Wiru is located approximately 20 kilometres away from Uluru and is outside of the Park's boundaries. If you are media or seeking to conduct filming or photography within the National Park, please contact the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Media Team to apply for a special permit here.