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Pre-Show Information


We encourage you to review this information prior to experiencing Wintjiri Wiru, allowing everyone (including yourself) to truly immerse yourself in the experience and allow for everyone to have the same level of enjoyment and enlightenment.

No photography or filming during the show

To protect the Mala Story tjurkurpa, Anangu have requested no filming or photography during the drone and laser part of the Wintjiri Wiru experience.

Can I smoke at Wintjiri Wiru?

Smoking is not permitted during the Wintjiri Wiru experience. We kindly ask that all guests that all guests refrain from smoking for the duration of the experience, out of respect for the land and the Anangu. We appreciate your coordination in creating a safe and respectful environment for all. 

What should I wear to the Wintjiri Wiru experience?

We recommend that guests wear comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes for the Wintjiri Wiru experience. We also suggest that you bring a jacket in the colder months, as the temperature in the desert can drop significantly after sunset. 

Stay in the marked-off areas

During the Wintjiri Wiru experience, we ask that you please stay within the marked-off areas to protect the delicate desert environment. Our tour guides will lead you on the designated paths to ensure you can fully experience the beauty of the Australian outback without causing any harm to the natural habitat. Your cooperation in preserving this unique landscape is greatly appreciated.

I have accessibility needs, can I enjoy Wintjiri Wiru?

The Wintjiri Wiru experience is fully accessible. Please advise us during your booking of your accessibility needs and make yourself known before the experience to ensure we can cater to your needs.