Visiting Australia’s Red Centre for the first time? You must be getting excited! And, of course, you probably have a few questions about what to pack — particularly when it comes to clothes. Should you dress in light clothes to stay comfortable in the desert heat? Is covering up for the sun the right thing to do? Just how dressed-up is dinner here, anyway? Luckily for you, we have the answers! While the key is coming prepared for extreme weather, you don’t need to pack head-to-toe khaki or any elaborate evening wear to fit in! Read on for all the details. 


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Uluru Helicopter Tour

Layer it up!

The number one suggestion we can make when it comes to packing clothing for your visit is this: pack layers. No matter the time of year, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter varying temperatures throughout your trip. Those early sunrises can be chilly — even in summer! So you’ll want to pack clothing that can keep you warm, but also easily be stowed once the temperature begins to rise.

Alternatively, in the autumn and winter months of May through September, you’ll want your heavy-duty layers close by — especially at night time. That’s because evening temperatures can dip as low as 1 C / 34 F.

Interested in learning more about the weather here in Australia’s Red Centre? You can find all sorts of helpful information here.

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Family walking towards Uluru
A family walking towards Uluru

Excellent Year-Round Option

While there are specifics you’ll need for different seasons, there are also plenty of items we recommend packing year-round. At the top of the list is activewear such as leggings, shorts, hiking pants. These staples are particularly useful for adventurous outdoor activities, as are hiking boots and runners.

Long pants, khakis, or jeans are a must, especially if you’re getting up early for sunrise activities or heading out in the evening. We also always suggest a lightweight jacket or windbreaker.

Want to look your best for a special occasion like Sounds of SilenceTali Wiru, or the Field of Light? We don’t blame you! Smart casual evening wear for special dining experiences are ideal. We recommend long pants and closed shoes at all times (sorry, flip-flops and sandals lovers!).

Wintjiri Wiru Uluru Song Line
Field of light up close

Spring & Summer (October to April)

Spring and summer here at Ayers Rock Resort mean sunny days and warm weather. If you ask us, there’s one thing that should be at the top of your summer packing list — your cossie! What’s a cossie? It’s Aussie slang for your swimwear. No matter which accommodation you choose here at Ayers Rock Resort, you’ll have pool access — meaning you’re never too far away from a refreshing dip!

But your swimwear isn’t all you should pack! We also recommend lightweight, breathable clothes like shorts and t-shirts. If you’re planning on a lot of exploring, make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes. We understand wanting to show off a new pair of runners on vacation, but the last thing you want is foot pain from working in a new pair!

Finally, a hat is essential, preferably one with a wide brim. A wide-brimmed hat, paired with sunscreen, does an excellent job at protecting your face and neck from UV rays. Plus, you’ll look very stylish, which is always a bonus!



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Family playing the pool

Autumn & Winter (May to September)

As we’ve already mentioned, the weather definitely cools off here at Ayers Rock Resort during the autumn and winter. You might be surprised to learn that we recommend packing your beanie, scarf, and gloves, but trust us, you’ll be glad you did — especially when the sun goes down! You’ll also want a warm jacket — a down jacket or something similar is a great option, as well as track pants, warm jumpers, and fleece.

With all this in mind, we still encourage you to dress in layers. That way, if you’re feeling warm during the day, you can cool off quickly. And once the sun goes up, you can easily bundle up!


Essentials to Pack All Year Round

No matter the time of year that you travel to the Red Centre, ensure you bring the following essential items:

  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm and moisturiser due to the dry environment
  • Refillable water bottle, so you'll stay hydrated during hikes and excursions
  • Sturdy, comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  • Swimsuit - the pool is the best place to cool down on a warm afternoon  
  • Lightweight, loose-fitting layers

If you forget something, don't worry! There are always back-up options at one of our stores in Town Square, including a well-stocked IGA supermarket. Check out the resort map here for a list of stores. 

Ayers Rock Resort is Amazing in Any Weather

No matter the season, there’s always a reason to visit us here at Ayers Rock Resort! From unique Indigenous experiences to delightful dining and wellness opportunities — there’s something for everyone. Find your perfect accommodation today and get packing — adventure awaits!