australia outback road with van

Closer than you’d think

Getting here is half the fun

For a resort that’s 450km away from the closest town, getting to Ayers Rock Resort is surprisingly easy. And, once you arrive, getting around is a snap too. Frequent air service from Australia’s major airports means you can always get to Ayers Rock Resort. Feeling adventurous? Hop in a 4WD and make the drive – it’ll take a little longer, sure, but those views are well worth it. And speaking of views, if you choose to fly in, make sure you book a window seat. We promise, your first glimpse of those reddy-reds and orangey-oranges of the desert landscape make up for losing a little extra aisle space.

Uluru from the air
bus in the outback
Uluru Car Hire
bus in the outback
Emu Walk Apartments exterior