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Ayers Wok Noodle Bar

Made to Order

What happens when the freshest Australian produce meets traditional Asian recipes and cooking techniques? Take a “wok” to Ayers Wok Noodle Bar to find out. Here, you’ll find delicious, satisfying Asian noodle dishes served up fast and fragrant. Customise your stir-fry just the way you like it, or select one of the tried-and-true favourites from the extensive menu. Start with your base: pick from an assortment of noodles, such as hokkien, egg noodles, and rice noodles, or jasmine rice. Next, pick your protein – a selection of meats are available as well as tofu – and choose your sauce for a delicious dish made just the way you prefer. Add gyoza, spring rolls, or dim sum on the side for a hearty meal that brings exotic Asian tastes to the Australian outback.

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Open for dinner daily
6pm - 8:30pm