Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Inspired by Nature

Art is a way for local Anangu people to express a variety of messages about identity, belief, and knowledge about peoples relationship to ancestry and links to country. Several rock shelters at the base of Uluru provide visitors with the opportunity to observe evidence of this ancient tradition. These rock paintings are of considerable historic and cultural significance to Anangu, who continue to ensure their preservation and protection.


Have you visited the Resort and found a piece of art that you can't live without?

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Includes art on offer from Mulgara Gallery at Sails in the Desert and the Gallery of Central Australia (GoCA).

Paint your own animal
Mulgara Gallery
Mingkiri ARts
a woman painting

Artist in Residence

The Resort's highly successful 'Artist in Residence' program selects Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists and craftspeople to take up residence for a month at a time to create art pieces in situ, exhibit and sell their work.

The program showcases a diverse range of mediums and creative responses to the unique location of the Red Centre and provides a special opportunity to meet and watch these talented artists at work.


Gallery of Central Australia
Adjacent to Desert Gardens Hotel

Artist in Residence schedule subject to change.