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Australia’s Red Centre is a breathtakingly beautiful place: sandy, reddish-orange desert hues, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, and an endless expanse of sparkling stars overhead at night. What better way to experience this colourful, vibrant part of Australia than camping? 


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Sleeping under the desert sky, waking up for a day full of adventure the moment you step out of your tent or camping vehicle, feeling connected to the earth and the spiritual energy that surrounds Uluru – and don’t forget about the memories you’ll make. There’s something to be said for a luxury holiday, to be sure, but sometimes you just can’t beat spending the night surrounded by wide-open spaces, fresh breezes, and incredible natural beauty. 

Camping might seem like a low-key activity, but there are plenty of things you should know to help prepare for your adventure at Ayers Rock Campground. Here’s what to bring, what to expect, and how to make the most of your Uluru camping holiday.


When is the best time of year to camp at Ayers Rock Campground?

Autumn is the perfect time to pitch your tent at Ayers Rock Campground. Temperatures are a little more comfortable for exploring than the hot summer months, with daytime highs in the 20s and lows dipping into the high single digits at night during April and May. September is also pleasant, with warm, sunny days and comfortable nights. 

During the winter, nights tend to get a little chillier, so you’d want to bring plenty of warm gear to stay comfy while you sleep. The summer season (especially January) doesn’t provide much relief from the heat for tent camping, and campervans should have AC to help keep you cool and comfortable – or, opt for one of our air-conditioned cabins (more on that below!)


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What kinds of campsites are available?

Some people love to “rough it” and keep their camping as low-maintenance as possible, while others prefer a less rustic experience. Ayers Rock Resort offers three different campground options perfectly suited to travellers of all types: un-powered tent sites, powered campervan sites, and cabins. 

Un-Powered Tent Sites

Perfect for relaxing under the stars, Ayers Rock Campground’s 220 tenting sites are located close to all the resort’s facilities, including showers and toilets, laundry and BBQ facilities, an outdoor kitchen, kid’s playground and a swimming pool. 

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Powered Campervan Sites

Perfect for vans, motorhomes, and trailers, these 198 serviced sites have electrical outlets so you can enjoy the conveniences of your “home on wheels” during your stay. 

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If you love the idea of camping, but the notion of sleeping on the ground doesn’t spark joy, what about booking one of the campground’s air-conditioned cabins? Enjoy the great outdoors, plus a few of the comforts of indoor living. Cabins feature a double bed in one bedroom and two bunk beds in the second bedroom, making them ideal for adventurous families. Unlike campsites, cabins come equipped with linens, cooking facilities, and utensils, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a television: everything you need for a self-contained stay. 

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What's provided at Ayers Rock Campground? What do I need to bring?

Guests staying at Ayers Rock Campground have full access to resort amenities, including free daily programming such as guided walks and Indigenous bush yarns. The campground’s facilities include a swimming pool, a playground, BBQ and outdoor kitchen facilities complete with a shaded eating area, and self-service laundry facilities. Shared toilet and shower facilities are located close to all sites. Cabins are equipped with cooking utensils, bedding, and towels, but campsites are not.

At the resort, you’ll find a well-stocked supermarket, restaurants and bars, a petrol station, gift shops, galleries, a Touring & Information Centre, and much more – everything you’d need to pick up last-minute supplies or forgotten items. 

In addition to camping essentials (tent, sleeping bag, head torch, folding chairs), be sure to pack layers of clothing – since it gets chilly overnight, bring a beanie, gloves, and lightweight layers you can peel off as you warm up. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and lip balm. Bug repellent and a fly net can also be useful items for keeping pests away. You’ll want sturdy, comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle or canteen, and make it a point to drink 1L of water for each hour you spend exploring outside. 

Other items to pack: a swimsuit and towels, personal electronics and chargers (you’ll want a camera, at the very least!), binoculars, and high-energy snacks like nuts and bars to fuel you for a day of exploring. You can stock up on snacks at the IGA supermarket located at the resort. 


Is the campground pet-friendly?

Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on a leash at all times. Unfortunately, cats are not permitted at Ayers Rock Campground or in the township of Yulara.


How do I get there and get around?

Getting to the Ayers Rock Campground is easy! For people arriving via Ayers Rock Airport, it’s a quick 15-20 minute drive, and all resort guests can hop on the convenient airport shuttle. Once you’re settled in at your campsite, the resort’s shuttle service operates every 15 minutes, ferrying guests around the resort. Alternatively the resort’s Town Square hub is only a 10-15 minute walk from the campground. See more details about getting to Ayers Rock Resort via air, coach, and car. 


Ready to experience camping at Uluru?

We can’t wait for you to witness your very first fiery Outback sunrise or experience the absolute wonder of sitting under a star-speckled evening sky, listening to the wild birds and reflecting on an amazing day of adventure. Start planning today by checking out our campground availability and rates, browsing tours and activities, and learning about other ways to explore the great outdoors. We’ll save you a campsite — see you soon!