There’s nowhere else on Earth quite like Australia’s Red Centre. From iconic landmarks like Uluru to unforgettable adventures ranging from little to large, there’s something here for families of all shapes and sizes. And there’s no better way to experience all that Uluru and the Red Centre has to offer than by staying at Ayers Rock Resort. Whether you’re on-site or exploring in the Outback, Ayers Rock Resort is the perfect base for your fantastic family fun. And speaking of fun, if you’re looking for fun ideas on what to do during your stay here with us, you’re in luck! Here are five rock-solid suggestions to make your dream family holiday at Uluru one to remember forever.

Tire Them Out With An Adventure Around The Rock

No trip to the Red Centre is complete without circumnavigating Uluru. The kids will love exploring the pathways that get you up close to ancient rock art and stunning waterholes along the way. Best of all, you can choose how you want to complete your journey. You can travel by foot, bike, and even segway! The full circuit is a little over 10 kilometres, but it’s easy enough to just do sections of the track if you or the kids aren’t up for going the whole way around.

If you’re early risers (even on holiday!) we recommend the Uluru Morning Guided Base Walk. This walk takes you to the base of Uluru for breakfast before embarking around the full circumference of the site with expert guides who will share a wealth of knowledge with you every step of the journey. You’ll visit sacred sites, hear incredible stories, and view fascinating rock art. Perhaps best of all, you’ll also learn about the intrinsic connection the Indigenous people of Central Australia have to this sacred site. 

Tip: No matter what time you choose to visit Uluru, remember to take plenty of water with you and to wear your sunscreen.

A Sunset to Raise Your Spirits

Watching the sunset on Australia’s most iconic rock is undoubtedly a highlight on any trip to the heart of the country, and it should definitely be included in a family itinerary. There are many ways to glimpse the sinking sun, including jumping on an AAT Kings Uluru Sunset experience. Here, you’ll enjoy a glass of sparkling wine as the sun lights up the western horizon. Hungry for a little more? Try the Sounds of Silence dining – change link to SOS experience, which pairs the fantastic sunset with a delicious meal you’ll be raving about long after the final bite.

Of course, you can also keep things simple by grabbing the gang and a bit of a picnic spread and heading to one of the viewing platforms around the resort. It’s up to you! There are just so many wonderful ways to enjoy an Uluru sunset.

Tip: If you’re checking out a viewing platform, we recommend arriving early. That way, you can claim your spot and settle in for Mother Nature’s most outstanding performance.


family in front of Ayers Rock
people crouched in the shadows of Ayers Rock


Get The Kids Involved In Cultural Fun With Dot Painting Workshops

Get your creative juices flowing as you and the kids get to have fun creating your own dot-masterpiece. When you join a Maruku Arts Dot Painting Workshop, local Indigenous artists will introduce you to the beauty and importance of Western Indigenous Art. You’ll learn about the different symbols used to create these beautiful works of art, as well as discover the meaning behind the symbols as Creation Time (Tjukurpa) stories. Then, with this newfound knowledge, you’ll have an opportunity to create a dot painting of your very own — a priceless memento from your experience.

Tip: Dot painting workshops are held in the morning as well as the afternoon, so you can attend whenever inspiration strikes!  

Cosy Up To Some Unique Central Australian Friends At The Red Desert Reptiles Show

Here’s your chance to meet Bruce the Blue Tongue Lizard, Wolverine the Bearded Dragon and Max the King Brown. The Red Desert Reptiles show runs daily (in the morning), where expert handler Danny, educates you on the 73 species of reptiles calling the desert home. You’ll learn about how these creatures survive in the harsh desert environment, and be able to get up close, touch and hold some of the reptiles. Cameras are a must for this rare encounter.


hand with paintbrush
Red Desert Reptile Danny Children


Count Stars – Not Sheep – On Your Very Own Outback Sky Journey

Specifically designed to suit families, the Astro Tour is perfect for amateur astronomers and folks with a simple love for the night sky alike. When the sun goes down, the Astro Tour takes you on an Outback sky journey through past mythologies, present skies, and into the future of astronomy. You’ll learn how ancient cultures used the sky to navigate the landscape and predict upcoming seasons. Then, you can explore the night sky for yourself using telescopes and binoculars. The natural desert surrounds make this the perfect place for stargazing as the low humidity and minimal natural light allow you to really see into the galaxy. It’s an adventure that’s out of the world, literally!

Tip: Are your children under 15? Then you’re in luck! Kids under 15 are free when accompanied by a paying adult.

The Family Fun Has Just Begun at Ayers Rock Resort

As we mentioned earlier, there’s family fun for everyone here at Ayers Rock Resort. And while these suggestions are a good starting point, there are plenty of tours and experiences for the entire family here. In fact, almost all of the tours and experiences here at Uluru are child friendly.

Also, you’ll find special children’s menus and prices at all restaurants and cafes throughout the Resort, and plenty of pools for everyone to cool off in (don’t forget your swimmers!). Not to mention a playground, a giant chess set, two tennis courts, and a complete schedule of free Indigenous activities will keep the whole family busy.

Ready to start planning your family holiday? Check out some sample itineraries to get the family fun started, and learn more about the resort here

. We’re looking forward to seeing you — and the entire family — right here at Ayers Rock Resort soon.