5 Fascinating Critters to Find in Uluru

Stars above Ayers Rock

Heavens Above

Sitting around a campfire at night

Discover the indigenous culture of Uluru

Guest walking into the front doors of the GOCA art gallery
two indigenous men
Indigenous woman with visitor
Anangu Communities Foundation two girls

Arts & Culture

The Anangu Communities Foundation: Giving Back, Getting Much In Return

Voyages is committed to supporting local Indigenous communities through the Anangu Communities Foundation (ACF). The Foundation funds initiatives such as cultural and community projects, education programs for youth and health care initiatives.

a team of Voyages staff members
Two Anangu men sit by a fire
two indigenous men

Arts & Culture

How to experience the indigenous culture in Uluru

Telling stories is one of the things that makes us human. We use stories to make sense of the world around us, which is why hearing the tales of another culture is such a powerful experience: it lets us see the world through someone else’s eyes.

indigenous man playing the didgeridoo