It might be hard to believe, but another winter is upon us here at Ayers Rock Resort. And while the temperature may have dropped a few degrees, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. In fact, for many, winter is the ideal time to visit Australia’s Red Centre! If you’re planning a winter getaway to visit us and you’re looking for things to do, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five activities to try this winter during your stay at Ayers Rock Resort.

Take a Hike

Trust us, when we say “Take a hike”, we mean it in a good way! Winter is an excellent time to put on your hiking shoes and get out to explore the beauty of Australia’s Red Centre. And the reason why is simple — the temperatures are perfect for a walk (be it long or short!). During a typical Australian winter, you can expect daytime temperatures in the early 20s — perfectly pleasant for any intrepid explorer!

If you’re interested in a guided hike that’s full of insight and incredible views, we recommend the Seit Uluru Trek. This 10km trek will take you around the base of this majestic monolith, while a guide shares knowledge about what makes Uluru so important, as well as the surrounding ecosystem.

Oh, and as an added bonus, a winter hike means far fewer bugs — so there’s less swatting flies and more saying, “I can’t believe my eyes!”

hiking at Ayers Rock
hiking in the outback

Test Yourself in the Outback Marathon

Are you a runner? Then winter is definitely the best time for you to visit us here at Ayers Rock Resort. After all, that’s when one of Australia’s premier running events takes place — the Outback Marathon! This year, the marathon is set for July 31st and will welcome runners from all over who are ready to test their endurance. No matter your skill level, there’s a run for you, including 6km and 11km fun runs, a half marathon, and the full marathon. Each running course comes with spectacular views, highlighted — of course — by Uluru itself! And, if you’re not here to run, but instead support, you’ll be happy to know that spectators can line any portion of the course. There’s nothing better than seeing your loved one cheering you on as you push yourself to complete your marathon goals!

Thinking about running the Outback Marathon in 2022? We’ve put together an excellent training plan to get you started on your journey!

A Woman smiles while running in the Australia Outback Marathon
A woman jumps while running the Australia Outback Marathon

Go Stargazing

During the winter in Australia’s Red Centre, you can expect mainly clear skies up above. This weather makes for absolutely remarkable stargazing opportunities. Far away from the light pollution of the city and other urban areas, the skies come alive out here. And it is simply breathtaking to watch the stars twinkle over Uluru.

Of course, there’s more to the stars than their beauty. Many of them tell important stories that you can discover as part of our Family Astro Tour. This journey through the night sky is led by a local expert who will share their knowledge with you. You’ll learn how ancient cultures used the night sky to navigate the world, as well as predict upcoming seasons. Using telescopes and binoculars, your astronomy guide will point out different planets and constellations for you to see in stunning detail. Then, your guide will look to the future and share what may be on the horizon for humankind as we continue on our quest to explore the broader universe.

There’s no doubt about it, stargazing at Ayers Rock Resort in the winter is an out-of-this-world experience.

The night sky at Ayers Rock Resort


Take A Helicopter Tour over Uluru and Kata Tjuta

There’s never a wrong time to see the stunning beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta from above, but we’re partial to winter flights. Why? It’s simple, really. Remember when we mentioned how clear the skies are during the winter season? You’ll have the opportunity to experience Uluru and Kata Tjuta in all their glory, without anything to distract you.

If you’re interested in seeing both of these wonders from above, we recommend the Uluru and Kata Tjuta Helicopter Tour. This 25-minute tour will take you over the 36 dome rock formations that make up Kata Tjuta, as well as Uluru — complete with insightful commentary from your pilot. Or, if you’d rather just focus on Uluru, try the Rock Blast Helicopter Tour. This informative 15-minute tour will take you over the desert landscape toward Uluru for some fantastic views of the Red Centre.

No matter which tour you choose, be sure to remember your camera to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Man riding in a helicopter with his legs hanging out the side
Uluru from a helicopter

Bonus: Enjoy Opera in the Outback

You didn’t think we could talk about things to do this time of year without mentioning this unique experience, did you? In mid-September, we’ll be hosting an incredible Opera Gala at Uluru. This musical journey will feature a wide range of performances — from concerts at dawn as the sun makes its way over the horizon to selections from Mozart’s The Mirage of Figaro performed in gumtree gardens — all culminating in a gala concert performed next to the Field of Light.

These performances are sure to be ones for the ages. And while this experience is sold out, it’s worth remembering that there are always incredible new and exciting things happening here in Australia’s Red Centre!

Woman in a dress in a field
Woman in a dress beside Uluru

Join us in Australia’s Winter Wonderland

There’s no doubt about it, winter is the perfect time to visit us here at Ayers Rock Resort — just remember to pack a jumper or two! Get started with planning your seasonal escape by finding the perfect accommodation for you here at Ayers Rock Resort.