What comes to mind when you think of a holiday? Is it unique cultural experiences? Natural wonders? Rest and relaxation? Maybe it’s all of the above! One thing that may not immediately come to mind is your health, but the fact is that travelling has all kinds of benefits — both physical and mental. If you’re thinking of visiting Uluru and Australia’s Red Centre, here are five reasons this journey of a lifetime will be good for you.

Uluru from Helicopter
Uluru at Golden Hour

You Can Escape from the Hustle and Bustle

Sometimes, the best part of a holiday is simply getting away from it all. If this sounds familiar, Uluru is the perfect place for you. After all, here at Ayers Rock Resort, we’re 450km from Alice Springs — the nearest large town. Remote is an understatement, but that’s the way we like it. And we think you’re going to like it too. Out here, we’re surrounded by red desert sands, unique flora and fauna, and not a single skyscraper — unless, of course, you count Uluru. At nearly 350 meters high, Uluru is equal parts impressive and beautiful, and certainly something you’ll never forget. A visit here offers a chance to truly disconnect and appreciate the natural world on a whole new level. Oh, but don’t worry, we still have WiFi if you need it!


You Can Learn About Other Cultures

A visit to Uluru and Ayers Rock Resort offers a chance to learn about — and from — the people who call this amazing part of the world home. Australia’s Red Centre is the ancestral land of Anangu. For over 30,000 years, they have been the protectors of this region — passing down their language and history through generations.

Anangu Communities Foundation two girls
An Australian Aboriginal woman | Voyages Indigenous Tourism

Many Indigenous Australians are eager to share pieces of their culture with you, and we’re honoured to foster these connections. When you visit Uluru, you can enjoy experiences where you’ll learn about indigenous art, music, and traditions. On guided walks, guides will share Anangu history, as well as the history of the Northern Territory. You may even learn a few words in Pitjantjatjara (pronounced as pitjan-jah-jarra), the local language spoken by the Anangu.

Want to learn more about Anangu before you arrive? This Q&A can help.


You’ll Feel More Present

A trip to Uluru is good for the soul, as well as the mind. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into a routine. And while that’s not a bad thing, it can make it start to feel like your entire world is on autopilot. Taking a holiday is a perfect way to break out of your day-to-day and engage in something new and exciting. It allows you to feel more connected to the world around you. It’s a chance to be curious, to explore, to truly take it all in, and be present in the moment.

happy couple at Desert Awakenings at Ayers Rock Resort
Field of Light

And trust us, you’re going to want to feel present when you visit Uluru. There’s such a wealth of things to see and do here, from Desert Awakenings to the world-famous Field of Light. There’s also the Red Ochre Spa, where you can indulge yourself with relaxing treatments and total pampering (because what’s a holiday without a little pampering?).


Holidays Make You Happy (and We Have the Science to Prove it!)

Going on holiday does more than offer opportunities to explore new parts of the world — it can actually make you a happier person! A recent study in the Journal of Tourism Analysis has shown that taking regular holidays can make you up to 7% happier than people who do not travel frequently. This information lines up with surveys conducted with people who regularly go on holidays that found they have a greater sense of wellbeing and feel more positive. And these feelings last even after their holiday is over! We’ve always said that having the chance to see Uluru in person is sure to put a smile on your face, and now it looks like there’s science to prove it!

Uluru from a helicopter
woman riding on the back of a Harley motorcycle

You Can Check Something Off Your Bucket List

We don’t know about you, but we love making a list. And even more than making lists, we love checking things off of them. There’s no doubt that Uluru sits at the top of many bucket lists. But while you’re here, you can check more than this magnificent monolith off your list. In fact, there are all kinds of incredible adventures waiting to be had. Have you ever dreamed of a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour high above the Red Centre? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame inducted Sounds of Silence experience? What about riding a camel across the desert landscape to catch unbelievable glimpses of Uluru and Kata Tjuta? You can do it all here.

So go ahead and load up that bucket list, and be sure to bring your favourite pen along with you — you’re going to be doing a lot checking things off!

dining outside
Guest riding camels

Uluru is Good For You

Now’s the time to start planning your incredible Uluru adventure — beginning with booking your stay at Ayers Rock Resort. When you stay with us, you can enjoy world-class dining, a wide assortment of complimentary experiences, and accommodation to suit every budget and preference. Learn more about our resort by checking out our story, and see what other guests are saying by following #ExploreUluru over on Instagram.

It certainly will be good to see you here at Ayers Rock Resort. We can’t wait to welcome you with a friendly palya!