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Uluru Sunrise & Sunset

Witnessing a sunset and sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock) is an awe-inspiring experience and a 'must do'. Here's all the information you need to ensure you make the most out of this twice-daily spectacle.

Uluru Sunrise & Sunset

Witnessing a sunset and sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) is an awe-inspiring experience and a 'must do' on every visitor's list. To watch the twice daily spectacle from one of the designated viewing areas inside the Park join one of the guided Sunrise Tours or Sunset Tours, travel at leisure with your own vehicle or hire car or get to any of these viewing areas with Uluru Hop On Hop Off. Pack a small picnic, get your camera at the ready and sit back and enjoy the spectacular views.

As much of a stay at Uluru revolves around sunrise and sunset be prepared and plan ahead. Know where you're going to watch the sunrise/set, distances and travel times as well as the time of the sunrise and set. TIP Once the sun has dipped below the horizon stay another 15 minutes as the colours of the desert around you intensify. Please be mindful that you need to leave the National Park by closing time.

How does Uluru change colour? The apparent colour changes of Uluru and Kata Tjuta result from the effects of the earth's atmosphere on the sun's incoming rays. The ash, dust particles and water vapour present in the earth's atmosphere act as a filter which can remove the bluer light from the incoming rays of the sun, allowing the redder light through at different times of day. Reflections from the rock and clouds in the sky enhance the vivid colours.

Uluru Sunrise & Sunset Viewing Areas

There are a couple of designated platform viewing areas landscaped into the sand dunes, offering optimum panoramic views of Uluru.

CAR SUNSET VIEWING - classic view of Uluru
Driving distance: 16 minutes from the resort

The perfect place to watch the remarkable changing colours of Uluru as the sun slowly sets behind you and lights up the rock.
TIP watch sunrise from this area and see Uluru in silhouette

BUS SUNSET AND DUNE WALK VIEWING - classic view of Uluru and in the distance Kata Tjuta
Driving distance: 16 minutes from the resort

The view from this area is the same as from the Car Sunset Viewing Area. After 4pm the area is reserved for coaches and tours only.

Uluru Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Uluru Sunse & Sunset Viewing

ULURU SUNRISE VIEWING - Talinguru Nyakunytjaku - views of Uluru and in the distance Kata Tjuta
Driving distance: 35 minutes from the resort

Talinguru Nyakunytjaku, which in the local aboriginal language means "place to look from the sand dune" features traditional shade shelters or wiltjas, 1,600 meters of walking tracks and raised pathways. Along the tracks an interpretation of the Aboriginal landscape and stories.

Uluru Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Uluru Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Kata Tjuta Sunrise & Sunset Viewing Areas

Kata Tjuta is located 32km West of Uluru (approx 50km by road), and is as impressive as Uluru. The 36 domes spread over more than 20km, the highest boulder rising 546m above the ground. There are two viewing areas that provide completely different perspectives of this conglomerate.

DUNE VIEWING AREA - views of Kata Tjuta and in the distance Uluru
Driving distance: 35 minutes from the resort

Along the road that takes you to Kata Tjuta's walks (Walpa Gorge and Valley of the Winds) you'll find the Sunrise Dune Viewing Area which offers a magnificent panoramic view of Kata Tjuta. From this perspective you can see how far and wide the 36 domes of Kata Tjuta spread.

Kata Tjuta Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Kata Tjuta Sunse & Sunset Viewing

SUNSET VIEWING AREA - classic Kata Tjuta view
Driving distance: 40 minutes from the resort

From this viewing area enjoy a beautiful classic view of Kata Tjuta at sunset. There are picnic and toilet facilities here.
TIP watch sunrise from this area and see Kata Tjuta in silhouette, with the sun rising from behind it.

Kata Tjuta Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Kata Tjuta Sunse & Sunset Viewing

Maps with Sunrise & Sunset Viewing Areas

Download these maps showing the sunrise/sunset viewing areas and walks at Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Uluru sunrise & sunset areas

Uluru Map
(click on map to enlarge)

Close-up: Talinguru Nyakunytjaku 

Talinguru-nyakunytjaku Map
(click on map to enlarge)

Kata Tjuta sunrise & sunset areas

Kata Tjuta Walks and Viewing Areas
(click on map to enlarge)

Uluru Sunrise & Sunset Times 2018

Much of a stay at Uluru revolves around sunrise and sunset, so be prepared and plan ahead. Here are the exact sunsrise and sunset times for the next few of months.

Feb-18 Mar-18  Apr-18

rise set rise set  rise set
1 0622 1937 0640 1917  0655 1845
2 0623 1936 0641 1916  0655  1844
3 0624 1936 0641 1915  0655  1843
4 0624 1935 0641 1914  0656  1842
5 0625 1935 0642 1913  0656  1841
6 0626 1934 0642 1912  0657  1840
7 0626 1934 0643 1911  0657  1839

8 0627 1933 0644 1910  0658  1838
9 0628 1932 0644 1909  0658  1837
10 0629 1932 0645 1908  0659  1836
11 0629 1931 0645 1907  0659  1835
12 0630 1931 0646 1906  0659  1834
13 0631 1930 0646 1905  0700  1833
14 0631 1929 0647 1904  0700  1832

15 0632 1928 0647 1903  0701  1831
16 0632 1928 0648 1902  0701  1830
17 0633 1927 0648 1901  0702  1829
18 0634 1926 0649 1900  0702  1828
19 0634 1925 0649 1859  0703  1827
20 0635 1925 0649 1858  0703  1827
21 0636 1924 0650 1857  0703  1826

22 0636 1923 0650 1856  0704  1825
23 0637 1922 0651 1855  0704  1824
24 0637 1921 0651 1854  0705  1823
25 0638 1920 0652 1852  0705  1822
26 0638 1919 0652 1851  0706  1821
27 0639 1918 0653 1850  0706  1821
28 0640 1918 0653 1849  0707  1820


 0707  1819

 0708  1818


Source: GeoScience Australia

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Uluru Bicycle Hire (Departure 1)

Take a morning ride around the base of Uluru by bicycle. The 15 kilometre self-guided journey is easily made within 3 hours and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Stop and explore the pure beauty of this spiritual and unique wonder of the world at your own pace. Once you have finished your ride, you are free to explore the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. Includes return hotel transfers operated by Uluru Hop On & Hop Off. Children toddler seats and tag-a-longs available on request, subject to availability. Departure times: 7.15am - December, January, February, March 9.00am - June, July, August 9.30am - October, November 10.00am - April, May, September Duration approx. 4 hours

1 Day Hop On Hop Off Pass

This 1 day Hop On Hop Off pass gives you the freedom to explore Uluru at your own pace. Hop on and hop off as much as you like throughout one day from sunrise to sunset. In addition, this pass also entitles you to one bonus transfer to and from Kata Tjuta within the same day.

Uluru Feastival (9-10 March '18)

Friday 9 March 16:00 | Official Welcome Join Indigenous celebrity chef and host for the weekend Mark Olive, at Desert Gardens Hotel's Mangata Bistro & Bar for a complimentary Indigenous-inspired cocktail as we welcome you to Uluru Feastival. Saturday 10 March 11:00 - 14:00 | Food & Cultural Experiences Join a Bush Yarn and learn about the hunter's weapons and skills and enjoy a tasting of seasonal seeds, fruits, spices and a cooking demonstration to make wattleseed shortbread at the Bush Food Experience, or browse the Feastival market stall at the Town Square lawn area. 14:00 - 15:30 | Masterclass by Mark Olive Your Uluru Feastival culinary experience continues with a Masterclass by Bush Tucker Journeys’ Ambassador and Indigenous celebrity chef Mark Olive at Uluru Meeting Place. Depart 1 hour prior to sunset | Bush Tucker Tasting Dinner One hour before sunset you’re collected from your hotel and taken to a remote desert dune top. As the sun sets on the horizon with Uluru as your backdrop, enjoy bush tucker canapés and sparkling wine. (download sample menu) As darkness falls, descend to the dining site to join your table of fellow tasters for a mouth-watering three-course contemporary bush tucker tasting menu by Mark Olive, perfectly matched with Australian wines. Then, as the night sky twinkles to life, listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky. Enjoy tea or coffee and port before you head back to the Resort with unforgettable memories. Not suitable for children 9 years and under.
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Longitude 131°

Longitude 131° offers an exclusive experience of Australia’s spirited heartland.

Emu Walk Apartments

Ayers Rock Resort’s Emu Walk Apartments offer the luxury of newly renovated, fully serviced apartments with all the practicalities of home.

Ayers Rock Campground

Located within the Ayers Rock Resort, the well-equipped campground is an ideal base from which to experience the beauty of the living cultural landscape in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.
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Add Free Activity

Add Free Activity

Garden Walk - Desert Gardens Hotel

Desert Gardens Hotel is famous for it's magnificent gardens full of local flora, this is an opportunity to learn about the intricacies of an outback garden with an Indigenous guide. Learn how Indigenous people traditionally lived by using the bush for food and medicinal purposes. Alternatively, collect a free Garden Walk Pocket Guide from your hotel reception for a self-guided tour. Tour duration approx. 1 hour.

Bush Yarn

Welcome to the Circle of Sand, the Indigenous heart of Ayers Rock Resort. You'll become captivated by the yarns told by an Indigenous storyteller of Aboriginal history, culture and traditional techniques used on the land. Dependant on the season, learn about traditional bushtucker or an Indigenous man’s “survival kit” including weapons such as katjii (hunting spears), tjutinpa (clubs), kali (boomerangs) and miru (spear thrower). Tour duration approx 30 minutes.

Bush Food Experience

Learn about Australian and local native bush foods with a tasting of seasonal seeds, fruits and spices. Your knowledgeable guide will describe how for centuries the Indigenous people used the bush for food.  You'll find out about the uses of certain plants, fruits, grains and spices and about traditional food preparation methods. Enjoy a cooking demonstration of a recipe using some of the ancient native bush ingredients. Tour duration approx. 45 minutes. 
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3 Day Uluru Feastival Itinerary

Celebrate Australia's ancient flavours and Indigenous culture at Uluru Feastival. With every taste, this exciting weekend of native flavour experiences will leave you tempted for more. Uluru Feastival incorporates everything from foraging tours to a masterclass with Bush Tucker Journeys' Ambassador and Indigenous celebrity chef, Mark Olive. This itinerary includes: Official Welcome with Mark Olive Uluru Feastival Masterclass by Indigenous celebrity chef, Mark Olive Mark Olive, three-course tasting dinner under the night sky (download sample menu) Field of Light Star Pass Uluru Highlights tour Bush food experience; learn about native Australian ingredients Bush yarn; tales of the hunter's 'survival kit' including skill and weapons Garden walk; journey into an outback garden bursting with local flora This itinerary is suitable for families with children 10 years and over. For event accommodation bookings call +61 02 8296 8010 or 1300 134 044 from within Australia

3 Day Best of Uluru Itinerary

Experience everything Uluru and the surrounds has to offer with the top once-in-a-lifetime tours and activities on this 2 night Best of Uluru stay including: A Night at Field of Light Desert Awakenings sunrise tour Kata Tjuta Sunset Various guest activities

3 Day Culture Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the magic of this cultural living landscape with this all-encompassing 2 night cultural itinerary including: Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars Dot painting Desert Awakenings sunrise tour Various guest activities
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