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Sustainability at the
Heart of Australia

Partnering with community

Take pride in your stay with us, knowing you’re not only experiencing the finest natural and cultural wonders, but conserving their richness for generations to come. Our sustainable approach to business means we tread lightly and care for our Country. 

Wintjiri Wiru Uluru Song Line

Indigenous engagement

We’re passionate about engaging with the local Indigenous community and have several programs to support Indigenous education, employment and tourism initiatives.

For example, we’ve set up the Aṉangu Working Group who have guided us to deliver Wintjiri Wiṟu, and the sharing of part of the ancient Mala Story.

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Community development

We support and run community development initiatives, including education, health and employment programs.

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Responsible tourism

Ayers Rock Resort is committed to responsible tourism and has several programs in place to minimise the impact of tourism on the local environment, including:

  • Educating guests about the importance of sustainable tourism.
  • Providing guests with opportunities to learn about Indigenous culture.
  • Supporting Indigenous-owned businesses.