Family walking towards Uluru

Guest Conduct Policy



Ayers Rock Resort

(Effective 1 December 2021)


This Guest Conduct Policy (‘Policy’) sets out standards of conduct for you to follow throughout your time at Ayers Rock Resort.  Establishing a conduct policy helps ensure that all guests enjoy their stay at Ayers Rock Resort as well as upholding our commitment to sustainable practices and respecting the land and the Indigenous communities in which we operate. We appreciate your adherence to this policy and wish that you have a memorable time at Ayers Rock Resort.

This Policy applies across all Ayers Rock Resort hotels, campgrounds, public area and retail outlets, the airport terminal areas, bus transfers and tours.  It is a condition of your stay or visit at the Resort that you comply with this Policy, all our health and safety policies and procedures and all applicable laws.  Voyages reserves the right to take any action necessary against any guest who fails to comply with this Policy.  Such action may include the removal of the guest from the Resort or tour without any compensation or refund.

This Policy is effective as at the date specified above and may be amended or supplemented by us at our discretion from time to time.

In this Policy, “Us, we, our, Voyages” all mean Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 146 782 591). “You, your, guest” means any person who is staying or visiting the Resort and any other person travelling with that person. “Resort” means Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, Northern Territory of Australia.

We have a zero tolerance for verbally abusive or offensive language directed toward anyone at the resort. Statements or conduct that threaten prohibited or illegal activity will also not be tolerated.


Guests must be appropriately attired in all public areas or areas which are visible to the public (such as room balconies) during their stay at the Resort.  Public nudity including topless sunbathing is not permitted anywhere in the Resort.


Loud speakers, boom boxes, radios or other noise nuisance are not permitted. Loud and excessive noise at the Campground after 10pm is prohibited. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the following day and restrict all future bookings from you if you fail to comply with the noise restriction.


In accordance with Northern Territory law, smoking is not permitted in any enclosed areas (such as hotel rooms, bars, restaurants and public transport) and certain outdoor areas (such as pool areas, outdoor dining areas of cafes, bars and restaurants). Smoking includes the use of a hookah, other types of water pipes or e-cigarettes.

For those guests who wish to smoke, there are designated outdoor smoking areas signposted throughout the resort. Electronic cigarettes are only permitted within the designated smoking areas. Cigarettes must be properly disposed of and never thrown into the bush. Guests must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco.

If you smoke in your room, a cleaning fee of one (1) night’s room rate will be applied to your resort account to allow for 24-hour airing of the compromised room.


For purposes of this Policy, a ‘minor’ is any person under the age of 18.

Parents and guardians are responsible for the behaviour and appropriate supervision of their accompanying minor(s) at all times (whether in the hotel room, in any public areas or during any tours or guest activities) throughout their stay at the Resort.

Swimming activities are not supervised and no minor or infant is allowed to enter the pool wearing nappies (diapers) including swimming nappies. Children or infants can only swim if they are toilet trained and under their parent’s or guardian’s supervision at all times.


You must be 18 years old to buy alcohol or be served alcohol in a licensed bar or restaurant in the Northern Territory. Special laws apply to where you can buy or drink alcohol in the Northern Territory.  At the Resort, you are only permitted to buy alcohol to takeaway or drink on the premises, if you are a guest at the Resort or dining at the Resort.  At Uluru, you are only permitted to drink alcohol at designated sunset viewing areas.

Guests purchasing alcohol at any licensed bars, restaurants or bottle shop at the Resort must present a government issued photo identification as well as their hotel room key or Campground pass. Guests are not permitted to buy alcohol for any person who is not a bona fide guest or lodger of the Resort or anyone under the age of 18.

Guests who choose to consume alcohol at the Resort must do so responsibly. Resort staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages in their sole discretion to any guest who does not consume alcohol responsibly.


During a pandemic (such as the current global COVID-19 pandemic) or any other public health emergency, we will require our guests to comply with all applicable government directive, orders or regulations including any health and safety procedures or policies that are in place at the Resort. Failure to comply may result in removal from the Resort.


Promoting and sustaining ecotourism is a priority for Voyages. We work hard to keep the Resort pristine so that people can enjoy their time at the Resort for many years to come. The team at the Resort work collaboratively with local communities to support sustainable environmental tourism practices, respecting and supporting the local Indigenous communities and cultures.

We ask our guests do their part in helping us look after the Resort and the surrounding land. Rubbish should be properly disposed of in bins provided. Rubbish or other foreign objects should never be flushed down a toilet. Guests must not leave items unattended on balconies, as the wind may cause the items to be blown off into the bush.

Water in this region is limited and must not be wasted. We ask all Resort and Campground guests to keep water usage down to a minimum. This includes turning off taps when not in use, being mindful with shower times and to not leaving taps running when brushing teeth.


There are a number of endangered species native to the national park and Resort environment, and we work extremely hard to protect these animals. Cats (both domestic and feral) are significant predators to these at-risk species, which is why cats are banned from the entire Resort including the Campground. Dogs are permitted on a lead at all times at the Campground, excluding within cabins, and owners must clean up after their dog.

Licensed assistance animals are welcomed but we request you notify us in writing at time of booking. Proof of certification will be required 14 days prior to arrival.


Campfires at the Campground are only permitted during the winter months; however, they are only allowed if there is not a total fire ban in place. Guests must bring their own enclosed fire pit and it must be raised off the ground. No fires are permitted on the camping lawns or in any other location at the Resort.


There are some important sensitive areas around the base of Uluṟu. At these sites, the rock details and features are equivalent to a sacred scripture – they describe culturally important information and must be viewed in their original location. It is inappropriate for images of these sites to be viewed elsewhere. Particular senior traditional owners are responsible for the stories and ceremonies associated with these sites. These are handed down from grandparent to grandchild as family inheritance. Under Tjukurpa, cultural knowledge is earned and with it comes great cultural responsibility. This has been the custom since the beginning of creation. We ask our guests to respect these culturally sensitive sites.