A birds-eye view of Uluru

An expansive desert dotted with gigantic rock formations, the Red Centre offers up a huge range of diverse vistas for travellers, but surely nothing better captures the sheer scale than a ‘gram’ from the air. We’ve rounded up a selection of shots that showcase Uluru and Kata Tjuta at their best from above.

1. Pastel Skies Illuminate the Rock

You too can be somewhere over the rainbow when you take to the air. Glimpse Mother Nature work her magic as the sun comes up and Uluru is spotlighted against pastel skies and the desert surrounds.


2. You'll Need That Wide Angle Lens

Kata Tjuta, which means “many heads”, stands at an incredible 536 metres high and is comprised of over 36 domes, meaning you’ll get plenty of practice at panoramas as you soar by.


3. Pilot Appreciation

You’d never get sick of your day job if this was your view! Tap into the knowledge of your pilot for the best angles and moments to highlight Uluru from different perspectives.


4. It's in the Details

Begin to understand the influence of the landscape on traditional Aboriginal art when you’re flying high above the textural rock, red sand dunes and green bush. The natural design and shape of the National Park really comes to life from the air.

5. Red Red Rock

On a clear day you really can’t beat the contrast of the bright blue sky against the ancient rock. The arkosic sandstone, of which the rock is made, surprising gets its striking colour due to erosion, in a process similar to iron oxidisation.


6. Endless Roads & Horizons

It’s all about perspective when you see how the roads meander through the natural landscape and disappear into footings of Kata Tjuta.


7. Experience the Glow

When the sun hits at just the right moment you can snap beauties like @vettasm did.


8. Size Matters but Depth of Culture Impresses More

Whilst there is no doubt that the magnitude and beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta from the air will impress, what you’ll really leave feeling is the depth of cultural significance that both these sacred sites hold.