Stars above Ayers Rock

Family Astro Tour

Outback Sky Journeys

This family friendly stargazing tour is designed for people of all ages with limited knowledge of the night sky but have an appreciation of its beauty and a passion for learning more.

The tour is broken into three segments: the past, the present and the future.

Past: learn how ancient cultures used the night sky for mythology, orientation and to predict upcoming seasons.

Present: explore the night sky with telescopes and binoculars. Our resident astronomer will point out different constellations, stars and planets.

Future: the evening concludes as you sit back and relax, while your guide contemplates what may be around the corner for astronomy and humankind.

Tour duration approx. 1 hour.

Tour departs 30 minutes after sunset.

From $54 / adult

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  • Stargazing tour 
  • Learn about astronomy and its beginnings
  • Interactive tour with use of telescopes and binoculars
  • Free for children 15 years and under
  • Tour departs 30 minutes after sunset