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Email Disclaimer

Important legal notice about Voyages' emails.

Email Disclaimer

Important Legal Notice: Any Voyages e-mail (including attachments) may contain legally privileged, confidential or private information and may be protected by copyright. You may only use it if you are the person it was intended to be sent to and if you use it in an authorised way. No one is allowed to use, review, alter, transmit, disclose, distribute, print or copy any Voyages e-mail without appropriate authority and permission.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that any Voyages e-mail does not contain and is not affected by computer viruses, defects or interference by third parties or replication problems (including incompatibility with your computer system).

Opinions contained in any Voyages e-mail do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd or its related entities.