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Uluru, through the eyes of its explorers

Have you ever visited a place where you have a sense of travelling back in time? Where you feel in constant awe of what nature is capable of creating? Where you wonder how it's possible for the sky to be filled with every colour of the rainbow?

Uluru, through the eyes of its explorers

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Have you ever visited a place where you have a sense of travelling back in time? Where you feel in constant awe of what nature is capable of creating? Where you wonder how it's possible for the sky to be filled with every colour of the rainbow? If so, read on for a taste of a trip to the magical and spiritual heart of Australia - Uluru. All of the photos below were taken by our explorers who visited Uluru and shared their special journeys with us by tagging #ExploreUluru on Facebook and Instagram.


Uluru captured by explorer

Watching the sunrise or sunset at Uluru and Kata Tjuta is like witnessing the world’s most spectacular show, as Mother Nature fills the sky with the most magnificent display of light and colour. Uluru explorer perfectly captured the sky’s colour rage from fluorescent orange to ultra violet.

Tip: To capture a photo like this one, head to the Sunset Carpark at dawn


Uluru captured by explorer @jeffcolhoun

When darkness falls, the bright stars and this mesmerizing art installation bring the desert to life, captured beautifully by @jeffcolhoun. The sell-out success, Field of Light illuminates the desert floor in an unimaginable way. The best news? The exhibition has been extended until the end of 2020, so it’s not too late to tick it off your bucket list.

With over 50,000 spindles of light, nowhere else in the world will you witness such a spectacular combination of art and nature.

Tip: For an unparalleled experience and to capture this view for yourself book onto the ‘A Night at Field of Light’, combining the Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars with seeing the Field of Light.


Uluru captured by explorer @jaydidphoto

Have you ever seen stars so bright? Here, @jaydidphoto has perfectly shot an iconic moment in the Aussie Outback at night: The Milky Way casting a gentle layer of light on Uluru.

Stargazing has never been more breathtaking than in the Australian Outback, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all astro-lovers. The minimal light pollution and low humidity allows you to explore the galaxy like never before.

Want to learn more about what it is you see in the night sky? The Family Astro Tours offers a wonderful introduction to astronomy, as their expert guides will take you through the evolution of the universe. Get ready to immerse yourself in how ancient cultures used the night sky, to exploring the sky and learning about constellations


Uluru captured by explorer @professional_helicopters

What better way to explore this astonishing scenery than from bird’s eye perspective? Enjoy 360 views of spectacular Uluru, Kata Tjuta and far beyond to Lake Amadeus, Kings Canyon and Gosses’ Bluff with an air adventure.

If you’re lucky, and take to the skies when the sun is in the perfect position, the rock will almost look like it’s ablaze. This picture was taken by @professional_helicopters just as the sun was setting over the rock – complete and utter perfection.


Uluru captured by explorer @tim_3006

Imagine standing in the middle of the Aussie Outback faced with this giant monolith. It’s pretty unforgettable, just ask @tim_3006 who took this photo.

If you’d like to experience Uluru solo, there are various options that allow you to go at your own pace, with freedom and flexibility. Perhaps you’d like to walk, or hire a bike to explore the pathway around the base in a 15-kilometre adventure.

No matter how you choose to explore it, a visit to Australia’s spiritual heart is one that will leave you with unforgettable memories that turn you into a storyteller.


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Fan photos of the year! 📷 Our explorers have shared hundreds of fantastic photos with us this this year. Here are of our favourites from 2017! Comment your Uluru photos below for the chance to be featured.

Posted by Explore Uluru on Thursday, 28 December 2017

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1 Day Hop On Hop Off Pass

This 1-day Hop On Hop Off pass gives you the freedom to explore Uluru at your own pace for one day. From sunrise to sunset, hop on and hop off as much as you like throughout the day. Additionally, this pass also entitles you to one bonus transfer to and from Kata Tjuta within the same day.

Uluru Bicycle Hire (Departure 1)

Take a morning ride around the base of Uluru by bicycle. The 15 kilometre self-guided journey is easily made within 3 hours and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Stop and explore the pure beauty of this spiritual and unique wonder of the world at your own pace. Once you have finished your ride, you are free to explore the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. Includes return hotel transfers operated by Uluru Hop On & Hop Off. Children toddler seats and tag-a-longs available on request, subject to availability. Departure times: Return transfer from your accommodation by Uluru Hop ON Hop Off 7:15am December 7:45am February 8:30am March 9:30am October and November 10:00am September 10:15am 16-30 April and May 10:30am 1-15 April and June to August Duration approx. 4 hours

15min Uluru and Resort Postcard Flight (daytime)

Limited on time? Take to the skies on a 15 minute scenic helicopter flight that takes you past Ayers Rock Resort and onto breathtaking views of the desert landscape and the majestic Uluru, as well as Kata Tjuta in the distance. Enjoy this tour anytime throughout the day, excluding sunrise and sunset. Tour duration is approx. 1 hour
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Longitude 131°

Longitude 131° offers an exclusive experience of Australia’s spirited heartland.

Emu Walk Apartments

Ayers Rock Resort’s Emu Walk Apartments offer the luxury of newly renovated, fully serviced apartments with all the practicalities of home.

Ayers Rock Campground

Located within the Ayers Rock Resort, the well-equipped campground is an ideal base from which to experience the beauty of the living cultural landscape in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.
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Add Free Activity

Bush Food Experience

Learn about Australian and local native bush foods with a tasting of seasonal seeds, fruits and spices. Your knowledgeable guide will describe how for centuries the Indigenous people used the bush for food.  You'll find out about the uses of certain plants, fruits, grains and spices and about traditional food preparation methods. Enjoy a cooking demonstration of a recipe using some of the ancient native bush ingredients. Tour duration approx. 45 minutes. 

Mani Mani Indigenous Cultural Theatre

Mani-Mani Theatre Company’s unique sound, lighting, 3D effects and performance take you on a visually captivating experience transporting you to the ancient lands of Central Australia where the story of Walawuru, Kakalyalya & Kaanka unravels. The symbolic story of Walawuru, Kakalyalya & Kaanka is a tale of love, jealousy and greed. Expressed through ‘Mani-Mani’, the local art form of storytelling, this contemporary Indigenous performance brings to life the ancient ancestral beings Walawuru the Wedge-Tailed Eagle and his two wives; Kaanka the black crow and Kakalyalya the white cockatoo. Walawuru is happy with his two wives but little does he know Kaanka is evil and very jealous of the kind and caring Kakalyalya. The word ‘Mani-Mani’ comes from the Yankunytjatjara & Pitjantjatjara language of the Anangu people of Central Australia. Anangu people would often tell stories by drawing symbols in the sand using a stick taken from a branch of the Mani-Mani tree. The stories were often about ancestors, real events in history and the Tjukurpa creation time. Please note: this tour will recommence 5 February 2018

Ecology & Museum Tour

Wintjiri museum provides an educational display highlighting local history, Aboriginal culture, geology, flora and fauna. On this interpretative tour of the museum your Aboriginal guide will introduce you to the region's unique ecology and classes of mammals and fauna types not found anywhere else in the world.  Gain insights into the Anangu land conservation and management practices as well as a brief historical overview; starting 30,000 years ago with the Aboriginal habitation to the early European explorers, and the development of tourism at Uluru. Tour duration approx. 45 minutes.
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3 Day Best of Uluru Itinerary

Experience everything Uluru and the surrounds has to offer with the top once-in-a-lifetime tours and activities on this 2 night Best of Uluru stay including: A Night at Field of Light Desert Awakenings sunrise tour Kata Tjuta Sunset Various guest activities

3 Day Culture Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the magic of this cultural living landscape with this all-encompassing 2 night cultural itinerary including: Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars Dot painting Desert Awakenings sunrise tour Various guest activities

3 Day Luxury Itinerary

Your 2 night Luxury and Indulgence stay is overflowing with experiences that will leave you with a lifetime of lasting memories. Includes Mayu Wiru intimate fine dining experience, an intimate Desert Awakenings tour, a helicopter ride and various guest activities to experience at Ayers Rock Resort. This itinerary is suited to couples or 2 singles wanting that indulgent Outback break. Includes: Tali Wiru fine dining under the outback sky Desert Awakenings tour Helicopter ride (requires a min. 2 passengers) Variety of guest activities
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