Ayers Rock Resort

Mulgara Gallery

Mulgara Gallery opens a rare glimpse into the unique world of Australian and Indigenous arts and crafts. Located in the foyer of Sails in the Desert Hotel at Ayers Rock Resort in the Northern Territory, Mulgara Gallery offers a superb selection of Australian hand-crafted glassware, pottery, textiles, metal and leather work, featuring renowned artists such as Chris Pantano, whose glass work has won numerous awards and received national and international recognition.

The Gallery also showcases an extensive range of Central Australian Indigenous art representing different regional styles, including Central Desert dot painting from Papunya and Mt Allen, colourful body art from Utopia and artefacts such as Didgeridoos, rainsticks and other tribal instruments.

Every month, Mulgara Gallery has an 'Artist & Craftsperson in Residence' program, including popular Indigenous Artist, Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson, who exhibits and sells her work worldwide. This program provides a unique opportunity to meet and watch these talented artists at work.

Mulgara Gallery is an integral part of the Ayers Rock experience, and many visitors choose one of these distinctive pieces as the perfect memento of their time here.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff help make the shopping experience at Ayers Rock Resort a memorable one.

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